Eight Canadians who are victims of possible attacks sound in Cuba

News 10 January, 2018

    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:31

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:31

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    OTTAWA | Eight Canadians attached to the diplomatic corps installed in Cuba have been sick in the last year for reasons yet unknown, has confirmed Ottawa on Wednesday. The thesis of mysterious attacks acoustic is not ruled out.

    Senior officials of world Affairs have made the point on these attacks sound, on Wednesday morning, in the offices of the department at Ottawa.

    An official of canadian journalists ‘ questions for more than an hour, but many questions remain unanswered, and in some ways, the mystery thickens.

    Ottawa admits to navigate in territory completely unknown to them since, to his knowledge, no attack acoustic of the genus has never been recorded in the world.

    In fact, the canadian government said it did not have any knowledge of the existence of a weapon capable of attacking the hearing to cause physical harm.

    The official, who cannot be named due to the sensitivity of the folder, confirmed during the briefing that the first canadian victims began experiencing symptoms in the month of march 2016.

    The majority of the noise attacks had reportedly taken place a few weeks later, in may.

    Canadians attached to the diplomatic corps of Havana have also undergone physical damage in August and as recently as last December.

    In total, 27 Canadians have been repatriated to Ottawa to undergo medical examinations. Eight of them have presented symptoms that required medical follow-up, such as bleeding from the nose, hearing problems, sleep disorders and memory loss.

    The eight victims, including children, have since returned to work or school.

    Officials have also confirmed that only diplomats, canadians and americans as well as their families have been the target of these mysterious attacks. The dignitaries of any other country does have been referred.

    Of security measures have since been put in place to protect the diplomatic corps in canada.

    The royal Canadian mounted police has opened an inquiry, but Ottawa has not wanted to confirm if other federal agencies, such as the service of espionage, canadian, tried to elucidate the case.

    Ottawa seeks to determine if factors other than sound, such as pollution in the air or in the water, have played a role in the ailments suffered by Canadians.

    Moreover, the senior official stressed that the canadian tourists who wish to visit the island have nothing to fear.