Elderly Chinese man poses Nude for meager pensions : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

An elderly resident of China decided to find a new source of income. The man complains that his pension is too small, and not always e enough even for bare necessities.


Retired their city of Chengdu Wang Shujun decided to act when payments decreased $ seven hundred yuan. In recalculation on the Russian currency pension of a Chinaman amounted to 6.25 thousand rubles. At a local art College invited the sitters who agree to pose in the costume of Adam 100 yuan (900 rubles) per day.


Wong posing for eight hours daily and threw all modesty. He added that he takes pleasure in monitoring the work of painters and their paintings calls “full of taste”. In addition to material benefits, the pensioner is glad that work makes him necessary to society. Young talents do not skimp on treats for the sitter and it is always good to speak about it.

The only thing that upset the pensioner is relevant to the job family. His children ceased to have a relationship with him after his decision to pose, and one of his sons even said that he will not come to the father for burial.