Elected officials outraged by the television$ 289 CHUM

News 10 January, 2018
  • Photo special collaboration carl vaillancourt
    The CHUM is not the only one to charge a lot for television. Christian Dessalles, 78 years old, was paid 1140 $ in three months to watch the television in his room at the jewish rehabilitation hospital of Laval.

    Hugo Duchaine and
    Carl Vaillancourt

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 21:42

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 21:42

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    Elected officials denounced on Tuesday the invoice of $ 300 per month to the patients of the CHUM to the tv in their room, while the megahospital remains silent on the money that it withdraws.

    “I myself was surprised to see the rates for these services. It is a decision that is local, and the institution has full autonomy to make such choices “, defended the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.

    “It is indecent just. It is shocking to know that the hospital obtains a source of financing, while a large part of the taxes of the taxpayers already pay the health-care system “, rose up the mp caquiste Lise Lavallée.

    For his part, mp pq’s Sylvain Pagé has described the system as ” abusive “, asking the minister to give a clear directive to the boards of management of hospitals ” to change this scheme “.

    On Tuesday, The Journal revealed that the CHUM was made to pay is $ 289 per month for a flat, triple that of many other hospitals. With access to the internet, when it will be available, the bill is expected to climb to nearly $ 400 per month.

    It is the company’s Mosino, which has been chosen by the board of directors of the megahospital to provide this service and she pays a commission to the CHUM.

    Not public

    The BOYFRIEND has refused to disclose the amount he received from the company which rents televisions. The spokeswoman Lucie Dufresne has indicated by email that this information was not of ” public nature “.

    She explained, however, that in the former hospitals of the CHUM, Notre-Dame, Saint-Luc and Hôtel-Dieu, the contract was between the Foundation of the hospital and the supplier. With the new place, the contract is between the CHUM and the supplier.

    The minister Barrette has suggested the CHUM to consult with its committee of users with respect to the price charged to patients.

    The coordinator of the committee, Nathalie Larose, has called “exorbitant” asking price to the users, and ensures that you have informed the management. But she stresses that this is not the horse of battle main, since this is not a barrier to access to care, ” she said.

    The users committee of the CHUM advocates especially, she says, compared to the parking rates at $ 24 per day.

    380 $ in Laval

    On the side of the jewish rehabilitation Hospital of Laval, one asks for almost $ 380 per month for a small television and internet access. “In 3 months, it cost me the price of a big tv new. It’s going to cost about 1140 $, it is exaggerated, ” said Karole Fog, whose husband Christian Dessalles is in rehabilitation from October 25, following an operation to the cervical vertebrae.

    By e-mail, a spokesman for the CISSS de Laval said that the Hospital derives no profit, since the company responsible for the service does not.