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Techno 7 July, 2017

An expert automobile du cabinet Deloitte France considers that this Friday that 30 per cent of cars will be electric in Germany by 2030. The French figures should be fairly close to the figures for germans.

A boulevard opens up for the electric car. The minister of the ecological Transition-Nicolas Hulot has announced this Thursday, the programmed disappearance of heat engines for 2040. Guillaume Crunelle, automobile expert at Deloitte, analysis this Friday in an interview to the magazine Challenges the evolution of the market of electric vehicles by 2030.

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Take-off between 2022 and 2025 for the electric

What is the future for the electric car ? Deloitte has prepared projections based on the German market, at the forefront of clean vehicles in Europe. In 2030, ” the zero-emission vehicles will represent, according to us, at least 30% of the automotive market in germany “, says Guillaume Crunelle. The market electric car should take off between 2022 and 2025. “This is a strong trend,” stresses the expert.

A lot of variables, however, could change this forecast, such as the sustainability of the government subsidies or the price of a barrel of oil. ” This is not the same thing with a barrel in a 40 or 100 dollars, ” warns Guillaume Crunelle. Deloitte is still in the process of building its projections for the French market, but the development of the electric car in france “should not be far from the figures for germans,” said the professional.

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A technology favoured by the mobility services

To explain this rise, Guillaume Crunelle evokes the rocking of the cost of use “With the new generations of batteries, it will be more cost-effective to use an electric car that a thermal model” he says. The development of this market will happen only “in the mature countries with infrastructure-friendly’. As a reminder, there are currently in France and 16,000 charging stations for electric vehicles.

The boom of electric is not to be based not only on the private car. Mobility services (car sharing, for example) should contribute to this rise. “As we move from the ownership of the vehicle to the notion of use,” predicts Guillaume Crunelle. The mobility services shared should see a rapid expansion from 2025 onwards. In addition, 80% of urban mobility in 2040 should be based on vehicles shared.

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