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Techno 5 July, 2017

Faraday Future beat the speed record held by Tesla, June 25, during the running of the electric cars at Pikes Peak (United States). The vehicle has travelled 19,99 kms in 11 minutes, 25 seconds and 8 hundredths.

Faraday’s Future in the big league, reports Turbo. Last June 26, this model was ranked Tesla on the legendary course de côte de Pikes Peak (United States). The 100% electric car has passed the 19,99 km of the route (including 156 corners) in just 11 minutes, 25 seconds and 8 hundredths.

An output of over 1,000 horses

Faraday Future competed in the category “Exhibition” , for prototypes and cars of pre-sets. The FF 91 has beaten the record held by a Tesla Model S P90D. This previous model had reached 4,300 meters in 11 minutes, 48 seconds. At the wheel of the FF 91, the engineer and driver, Robin Shute has gained 23 seconds on the course. A performance achieved in spite of many alarms, that have pushed the Faraday Future to stop for a few moments.

These uncertainties suggest that the model could still beat his own record. “My goal was to push it beyond its capabilities. We were able to identify problems related to the battery blocks, and to correct them in the future. It is also what makes this event a success for the company, ” welcomed Robin Shute in an official press release. The FF 91 had four electric motors, able to deploy more than 1,000 horses to 1.800 Nm of torque.

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Towards a model marketed in 2018

After a series of financial problems revealed at the last ces in Las Vegas (United States), the manufacturer hopes to use his new record as a marketing ploy, reports Mashable. From 2018, Faraday Future should market a model approved for the road. This future model should offer the same power as the version that is illustrated at Pikes Peak, with bonus a range of 700 kilometers.

The race of Pikes Peak was also allowed to other vehicles, non-electric shine. In the category ” all models “, the French Roman Duma was imposed at the wheel of his Norma MXX RD Limited in 9 minutes 5 seconds and 672 hundredths of a second. The pilot lights has not yet broken the record of Sébastien Loeb, established in 2013 to 8 min 13 s, and 878 thousandths… at an average speed of 145,3 km/h.

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