Elon Musk forgot my wallet in the rocket, the Falcon Heavy : World’s : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

American entrepreneur Elon Musk forgot my wallet in the rocket sent into space. At first he thought that his wallet was stolen, and decided to block the accounts.


Representatives of the company SpaceX announced that CEO Elon Musk forgot my purse in the car, which was sent into space on a rocket, the Falcon Heavy. Initially, the businessman felt that the purse was stolen, and then contacted with the bankers, so they blocked his account. Elon for several hours searching for the wallet at home, but I have not found. Musk noted that even such a minor infraction unpleasant for him. Only later he realized that he had left the wallet in the rocket.

Earlier, a rocket, the Falcon Heavy with the machine Tesla cherry color on Board was launched from Cape Cavenar in Hawaii. Transport put in a freight office in January.