Elsabeth Black finish 4th at the World championships of gymnastics in Montreal

Sport 8 October, 2017

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
After the competition, Black explained that it was very difficult to make the transition from competition multiple gear in so little time.

The night was short for the Canadian Elsabeth “Ellie” Black, and it is perhaps this that has cost him a place on the podium in the jump, Saturday, in the framework of the world Championships of artistic gymnastics in Montreal.


Black was among the favorites for the win in the jump, his discipline of choice. The five-times canadian champion has, however, had a score of 14,416 points and finished fourth, much to the dismay of some 11 000 spectators who attended the competition presented at the olympic Stadium.


“It is what it is gymnastics, you know, said Black. I am satisfied with my performance, even if I had to wait for the other gymnasts are running, and that the judges the note to know where I would end up. “


The Neo-Scottish 22-year-old has well executed his first jump, except that it has the intensity of many conflicts. a small error at the reception — and it was repeated in the second. After the competition, Black explained that it was very difficult to make the transition from competition multiple gear in so little time.


Friday night, Black became the first Canadian to win a medal — the silver — the contest multiple in the World. It was a first medal for Canada since Kyle Shewfelt and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs had collected two bronze medals for the maple leaf gear during the World 2006.


“I rested as much as possible and I tried to be the best possible in the jump, but the competition was really good,” noted Black.


The Russian Maria an apiary has defended his world title successfully under a score of 14,850 points, 0,084 more than the American Jade Carey and 0,384 of more than switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber.


The american team was weakened by the absence of Simone Biles, the star of the olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro who has chosen to ignore the World of Montreal, but it has shown its depth through the performance of Carey.


“I never thought I would be here a year ago, but this is just fantastic,” admitted the gymnast of 17 years, an american champion at the jump.


Black has follow-up less than one-tenth of a point behind Steingruber, just in front of one of his idols from his youth, the Ouzbekhe Oksana Chusovitina, who is 42 years old.


“It is a legend, so it was quite “cool” to measure up to it, ” said Black about Chusovitina, gold medallist in the competition for teams to the olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992 and silver medallist in jump at the Beijing olympics in 2008.


The other representative of the maple leaf included in this competition, Shallon Olsen, and he finished in seventh. The Vancouver 17-year-old has missed the reception of his first jump, but has perfectly executed his second for a score of 14,233.


“I’m a little disappointed not to be able to succeed at my reception on my first jump, she agreed. But I’ve given everything to recover it on my second. […] It’s a beautiful accomplishment. “


The final gear are the specialists in the foreground, and are reserved, for each apparatus, the top eight gymnasts from the qualifications.


Saturday, the women are executed at the jump and the uneven bars, while the men had to present their routines on the ground, the pommel horse and the rings.


The Chinese Fan Yilin, who had shared the gold on the uneven bars at the World championships in 2015, has made sure not to do it this time. She brought it with 15,166 points, that is 0,066 point higher than the Russian Elena Eramina and 0,133 more than the Belgian Nina Darwael — the european champion in this event.


In men, no canadian athlete has qualified for the finals of the men’s gear.


On the ground, the Japanese Kenzo Shirai has earned a third world title after those of 2013 and 2015. It was also a second medal, for “the prince of the tendrils” at the World championships in Montreal, after his bronze disk in the contest multiple Thursday.


Without surprise, the British Max Whitlock defended his world title on the pommel horse. He had also been crowned olympic champion in Rio in 2016 in this event as well as on the ground.


For its part, the Greek Eleftherios Patrounias has also successfully defended his world title on the rings acquired in 2015. It is also the olympic champion title in this event.


Sunday, on the occasion of the last day of competition at the World championships of gymnastics, Black will participate in the finals on beam and floor, while her compatriot Brooklyn Moors, the youngest gymnast on the canadian team, will be limited to the ground.


“I have to focus on the process to access the podium, but the results will come of themselves “, is limited to say Black.


Canada has never laid hands on a gold medal at the world Championships in artistic gymnastics.