Elvis Presley caught the fraud in Moscow

News 18 December, 2017

Arrived in Moscow from Ghana a student with “speaking” in the name of Elvis Presley Barima was convicted for embezzling their compatriots who came to work in the Russian capital.


Barima condemned under article “Swindle with causing of a considerable damage to the citizen”. A medical student of one of capital universities planned with money his countrymen to pay their own tuition.
For this, he told his victims that he intends to help them with tuition, and then offered to transfer money to a Bank account, which convinced fellow Barima, belongs to the University.

Thus, the student received about 463 thousand rubles, which he really sent the payment for your contract on training.
The student was sentenced to a year of imprisonment with serving in a colony of General regime. Yet in force the law has not come.