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Entertainment, Techno 6 July, 2017

president of the Republic

The presidential couple is forced by its reputation of having a bodyguard. For the safety of his wife and his own, Emmanuel Macron, has decided to call a close relative of the former President Jacques Chirac and his wife Bernadette.

During the nine months of campaigning for the presidential election, the custody of the body of Emmanuel Macron was Makao, 2.13 meters and 130 kilos. Today elected president, Emmanuel Macron needs to put his wife but also his entire family in safety. For his movements and those of his wife and first lady, the president of the Republic has called on Emmanuel Traxel. It is not part of the security Group of the presidency of the Republic. However, it is there to come in reinforcement of the teams of protection : it is a former police captain, officer of the Companies, republican, in charge of the protection of the high personalities but also captain of the CRS 1.

Even more, Emmanuel Traxel, is the second husband of Anh-Dao, the daughter of the heart by Bernadette and Jacques Chirac had received when she was 21 years old. However, it has never worked for the former president, but knows how to be discreet and knows how to keep his attention alert, which is essential for close protection. He attends the protection of the First lady when she walks down the street in le Touquet, or even when she attends fashionable events like the Dior show.

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