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Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


Emmanuel Macron does not like to obey the orders of his bodyguards. According to theExpress, the president of the Republic gives a hard time to his security team wanting to take risks and not folding not to compromise.

After having been under the supervision of the very remarkable body guard, Makao, Emmanuel Macron, in fact, see all the colors at his body guards. “He wants to be able to cross the street and go see the people on the sidewalk in front of it. And if there is an event, it wants to be in front of the participants , “has detailed a source internal to The Express. “A nightmare for the security Group of the presidency of the Republic (GSPR), the phalanx surentraînée, 100 % male, who watches day and night on the presidential couple and their loved ones, “says the magazine.

32 police officers and 28 constables would be at the service of a head of State unwilling to make compromises to ensure its protection. “It is necessary to take the risk, it is necessary to go in the heart of the beast every time “, has unnerved the man, 39-year-old in the documentary Yann The Hénoret, Emmanuel Macron, behind-the-scenes of a victory, broadcast on TF1. “Because, if you listen to the guys of the security, you end up like Holland : it may be that you are safe, but you’re dead , “he said.

Emmanuel Macron, however, is in good hands. In effect, the presidential couple has appealed to a clutch of security, Emmanuel Traxel. It is a former police captain, officer of the Companies, republican, in charge of the protection of the high personalities but also captain of the CRS 1. It is protected by a ace of safety, and he knows it.

Emmanuel Macron

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