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Last Wednesday, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have received dinner for Nicolas and Carla Sarkozy at the Elysée palace. An appointment that was not intended to be noised.

They had seen the same morning in the courtyard of the Invalides on the occasion of the national homage to Simone Veil, knowing that they would get together again the same evening ; Wednesday, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have received French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla for dinner in the gold of the Elysee as the report Le Figaro. Confirmed information by the communication service of the Elysee ; which stated that it was a private dinner that is part of a series of meetings that the head of the State intends to have with its predecessors. He wants to meet them in a format that is informal “.


And after Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Julie Gayet expected to be received by the current head of State. “But we don’t know when… and we don’t know, because the appointment is not intended to be listed on the agenda , “said the Figaro, one of the advisors of the president.


Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not missed throughout the past few months mean all the admiration that it carries to the current tenant of the Elysée palace. At the beginning of June The Canard enchaîné had indeed reported his remarks, to say the least praise on Emmanuel Macron : “This guy is incredible ! It is a no-fault. If he does not commit the same mistakes that I made, it’s going to go very far, we will not be able to stop it. […] Macron, it is me better. ” An agreement more than cordial between Emmanuel Macron and French president Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed in a faithful supporter of the former president. “They speak often. The president Macron has the intelligence to not underestimate the experience of Nicolas Sarkozy “, underlines Le Figaro.


Nicolas Sarkozy, who is amused of this situation before one of his followers a few days ago : “I have good and regular sources inside “, he told the story to emphasize that it was still very much aware of the political events. To note that the two men will meet again very soon, this July 14, during a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice.

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