Employees of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan accused of mining the cryptocurrency at work In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

According to representatives of the National security Committee of Kazakhstan (KNB), employees of the Department of state revenues of the Ministry of Finance was engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies in the workplace. This information disseminated by the press service of NSC.


According to experts, officials have included application-miners to bypass the antivirus software and illegally extracted the coveted bitcoins, trying to get rich. As a result, the Ministry incurred losses due to over-expenditure of electrical energy. The suspects did not plead guilty. Proceedings in this matter continue. Now, many people are interested in cryptocurrency, as some analysts call them the best way to generate income.

In the Finance Ministry of Kazakhstan has significantly slowed the work of the information system. First, experts could not understand what was going on, but as you become more familiar with the problem agree on the fact that the perpetrators of a difficult situation are the greedy officials eager for easy material gain.