End November 10 entry visas exemptions in Canada

News 4 November, 2016

Canada Passport on Declaration Card with a  Pen
Canada Passport on Declaration Card with a Pen
All travelers from countries normally exempt from entry visas to Canada, as European citizens, must present from November 10 to the Canadian border police an electronic travel authorization (AVE).

Originally scheduled on March 15 and then postponed for technical reasons on 30 September, sesame must be requested online by each traveler, that it will cost seven dollars (just under five euros).

Canadian equivalent of the current visa waiver program in the United States since 2008 (Esta), AVE was originally to be compulsory from last winter.

For Immigration Minister John McCallum, the electronic travel authorization “increases the safety of Canadians by enabling us to verify the eligibility of travelers before they take their flight and to stop immediately those territory forbidden to travel to Canada. ”

The Canadian government, however, had difficulties in setting up the platform to issue the document electronically, requiring several months to postpone the requirement for passengers to be provided on arrival at the border.

In September, Canada was again rejected this requirement, he said, “give travelers and airlines more time to prepare for the changes.”

According to the Department of Immigration, 2.3 million AVE have been issued since 1 August 2015 and is valid for 5 years.

US citizens or passengers of a plane calling impromptu in Canada are exempt from this AVE.

The French living in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, to transit through Canada to take a flight to the metropolis, are exempt from the AVE. But subtlety, they must submit to their return. A situation still being negotiated between Canada and France.