Endpoint – Vexed: Will the English surprise you?

Endpoint – Vexed. Forecast and betting on CS: GO (20/03/2017)

Endpoint are the best team in England, although they perform at the amateur level and are far beyond even the top 50 best teams in the world. But not so long ago they were able to beat the FlipSid3 team, which is included in the top 20 teams of the world. Will the success again?
Cybersport. CS: GO. ESEA Premier. Endpoint – Vexed
20 March 2017, 23:00 Moscow time

Endpoint have a very weak level of the game and their winnings over FlipSid3, you need to write off the games of FlipSid3, as they are now on the decline, and this match did not solve anything and was just a formality. Of the 25 cards, only seven were won, while games against weak teams, and the composition of Endpoint is constantly changing.

Vexed recently entered even the top 30 teams, and this already speaks of the colossal advantage over the rival. However, recently they are also on the decline and lose a lot of matches, but the rivals are much more difficult than those of the same Englishmen.


In individual and tactical terms, and in general everywhere the advantage over Vexed. Endpoint play extremely weakly, let alone permanent changes in the team. Coefficient 1.62 is very large for such a match, where they play a clear favorite and an outsider.

Coefficients BC 1xBacking:
Endpoint – 2.13
Vexed – 1.63

Forecast: victory for Vexed

Coefficient: 1.63

Rate size: 5%

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