Erogenous zones, which you did not guess!

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 15:58

Erogenous zones, which you did not guess!
It is fun to study the body of the partner inside out. Better yet, think you know everything, discover his body are sensitive points, which previously not thought of. Check out our list: you may find something new. Hint: these areas are sensitive and for men and women, so that this knowledge will be useful to you both.

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1. Supersensitive lips

Where is the hidden secret transmitter happy? Under the thin skin around the lips. This area is full of nerve endings, but when we kiss often focus on the lips. Slide the tip of the tongue on the edge of their lips like contour pencil — you will feel a slight tingling, even light tickling.

While kissing, try this trick: kiss the beloved as usual, then gently slide the tip of my tongue along the contour of his upper lip. Kiss him again and run along the contour of the lower lip.

Sexologists promise that the man will subconsciously associate this with how you spend your tongue on the outline of his penis head.

2. Side trail

The sides from the bottom of the ribcage to the hips is a powerful nerve runs. If you stimulate pleasant sensations backfire in your clitoris or male penis. Touching this area causes a reflex to respond the muscles of the pelvic floor in both men and women, and the excitement is rising.

Caution: these zones are sensitive to tickling, so it should hold tight enough, but in any case not a light touch. Start with one part, where the end ribs. Can iron these places can alternate kisses (but be sure to keep your lips tighter than usual) with light pokusyvanii, gradually moving up to the pelvic bones.

This affection bears a double benefit: it not just pleasant but also creates tension in the right muscles, and the orgasm promises to be brighter than usual.

3. Coccyx

It’s a vestigial reminder of the tail is just Packed with nerve endings. To squeeze from it the maximum benefit, give each other erotic massage.

Start to stretch your back with the shoulder blades. When it comes to the waist, go for a softer touch. Gently move the fingers in a spiral around the coccyx. This area is so receptive that send sweet shivers all over my body.

Can be led by language, hair or gently scratching nails.

4. Magic points at the hips

One of the most sensitive nerves in the body located in the upper part of the inner thigh. It is better to leave the dessert to the partner has managed to work up a sexual appetite.

Lick your finger (moisture will increase the feeling) and slowly slide it from the middle of the inner thigh to the top. Then go down the same path language.

Since the skin here is very delicate, it is important to see how responds to this affection of partner.

If it moved, you touched the point, susceptible to tickling. Then it is necessary to make amends: hard to kiss him in this place. (This is generally a useful technique that works for both of you and helps to relieve discomfort, if you make each other feel ticklish).

When he pats you in these places, you may notice that your breathing quickens and the feeling of “come in to me soon.” And all because the nerve endings in this area are associated with the sexual organs and send signals to the brain of pleasure.

Take my feelings and go from foreplay to action.