Erotic dancing girls from Novosibirsk caused a scandal in London : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

London is a major international exhibition on the development and software of computer online games. The exhibition was visited by representatives of game industry from different countries. However, a wave of discussion caused even the play program, and promoploschadki companies.


The majority of manufacturers of game content used to attract customers female body. The Czech company was represented half-naked girls from Novosibirsk. Their pictures were dispersed in foreign media, who began to write about the tremendous scandal caused by is with the use of female nudity. According to foreign tabloids, the girls have been extremely unpleasant and unseemly attention from the consumers of a male, supposedly they even touched hands.


But the actual culprits of the molestation scandal on the exhibition, don’t complain. According to them, such behavior does not occur. One of the dancers posted a Instagram photo of the event and supplied his ironic comments about a serious sex scandal. The girl said that on stage they were doing my favorite thing – dancing. Pictures European journalists do without the consent of a Siberian. Opinion of the Russians is also one of the representatives of the new York times asked. The British press in abundance publishes photos of half-naked girls, demanding to curb the sexism.