Essential Home: This connected wizard will compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo!

Techno 31 May, 2017

The co-founder of Android has designed a smart wizard that will compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo. And it’s called Essential Home.
It seems that the Essential Phone is not the only project born of the initiative of Andy Rubin ! After having lifted the veil on this phone, the co-founder of the small green robot company presents his project as a virtual assistant who will compete with the two big mastodons in the matter. But why does the creator of the competing OS of iOS seem so determined to expand its scope? After all, Andy Rubin is best known for creating operating systems. Anyway, for now, the characteristics of this new companion are still mysterious! For its design, it is known that it will have the shape of a thick disc, with a face tilted towards the user to welcome its integrated screen! A little more compared to its competitors who do not.
A personal assistant dedicated to protecting your privacy is Andy Rubin’s ambition through Essential Home. Described by its designers as a ” friendly face ” for your home, your first contact with the reader will be with a question, physical contact or even a simple ” glance “! Programmed not to be intrusive, he will also act as a true conductor by giving the sound to all the devices he will drive. Music, light, agenda, questions / answers … It will even be compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, but also HomeKit and SmartThings. After Apple, well determined to compete with the connected wizards that are Google Home and Amazon Echo, it’s all to Android to enter the competition! If the information about the output of a ” Essential Home are still obscure, Wired talks about a launch by the end of summer. We keep you informed!