“Eternal love” and other myths you believe in women!!!

Techno 10 December, 2017

2017-12-10 19:59

“Eternal love” and other myths you believe in women!!!
The main myth in which you believe women are tale of love that lasts forever.

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The myth of eternal love, reports Rus.Media.

The main myth in which you believe women are tale of love that lasts forever. Where did he come from? Well, of course, from the Patriarchate, where the woman is supposed to marry a virgin and be faithful to one man till death do them part. Modern studies show that only 3% people are able to remain faithful to one partner. The tale of eternal love — a “bun”, which promised the woman in marriage: well, not immediately wanted in the loop climb, reflecting on life prospects.

The question is, why is the myth still alive? Because “love” is the same as “eternal” pie that can be endlessly bite, and it will never end. Don’t do anything. You just need to meet “the man himself”, and all his life he will carry you on his hands. Working on the relationship? So why, “real” love itself occurs and never ends. Interestingly, psychologists claim that the myth of “eternal love” often believe young ladies who grew up in single-parent families. Those who could watch the family life of the parents understand that there is no eternal and true love does not exist, and there is a family relationship, on which we will work.

The myth of female weakness

“The strength of women in her weakness,” so-so. Actually, of course, no power in weakness is not. But it is a convenient myth that allows you to manipulate others and to broadcast on their own problems. Up to a certain time, of course. Because the poor woman needs a strong hero, but the hero needs something to offer as payment for the deeds, and generally to offer nothing but the same “everlasting love”, which, as we have seen, does not exist. But many still hope that, if Pat’s eyes and whisper “I’m just a weak woman…” and it will be possible to snuggle up on someone’s strong neck and sit there until the end of his days. The worst thing is that they seriously believe that is really weak. And the sudden disappearance of the great hero completely knocks them out of life’s rut.

The myth of “real” men

A “real” man is this mysterious creature that no one has ever seen, but really want to catch and tame. Who is the only true instance in the world of fakes? This is actually the man who grew a long this sense of duty that it has prevented him to walk. A “real” man needs a woman, but first and foremost he owes her money, of course. First let nice caring and gives expensive gifts, then let contains to the grave, and she offers him a “whole self”, and in fact, nothing. Several unequal exchange, that is why the myth is very tenacious. Like all myths about the benefits that someone will bring a “just because” for beautiful eyes.

The myth of the comfort of home

If a woman finds a man who is really ready to contain it, it immediately starts to believe in the myth of the comfort of home, which it allegedly creates. In fact, it really creates partner comfort-that man that woman — glad to be back from work to a clean house, nice meal and very glad to not have to bother with all sorts of small household problems.

That’s all fine, of course, but not significantly. So, you need to give simple homework some sacred meaning: it is not just washing floors or cooking soup, it’s creating a cozy home atmosphere.” Allegedly. In fact, the psychological atmosphere in such homes is usually quite depressing. Because the woman that is not occupied by anything except the house, sooner or later starts a great famine — information and communication. Guess three times whose brains she will soon begin to slowly eat away.

The myth about “real” woman

The most tenacious and the most terrible myth. Because women do not just believe in him, they also actively promote, in the framework of pounding invented “authenticity” of those who too early have ceased to believe in these tales. A retelling of the myth always begins with the words “a Real woman should…”, and then you can substitute anything and to get a woman to do something she doesn’t want to do. But if she resists, it is always possible to frighten her. The fact that otherwise she will not get neither a real man nor eternal love. A mythic.