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News 10 July, 2017
  • Patrick Bellerose

    Monday, 10 July 2017 06:30

    Monday, 10 July 2017 06:30

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    QUEBEC | just launched, the renovations in the tower of the olympic Stadium to create the office space that will accommodate over 1000 employees of Desjardins have already led to cost overruns of approximately$2.5 Million.

    However, the major part of the work to a value of 43.5 M$ should happen this year. The refurbishment is designed to accommodate employees of the services, Access D Desjardins, who will occupy the first seven floors, which is 80 % of the area of the tower.

    In 2015-2016, the engineering firm WSP Canada (formerly Genivar) has required extra 70 %, or$ 1.4 Million on an initial contract of$ 2 Million. The architecture firm Services intégrés Lemay et associés, as well as Bouthillette Parizeau specializes in electrical and mechanical engineering, have also required significant extras (see table).

    Structure ” unique “

    In the case of WSP Canada, the Régie des installations olympiques (RIO) has stated that these additional costs are explained by a first evaluation “very preliminary” to quickly launch the work to welcome Desjardins in 2018. It also specifies that a part of the contract is for plans and specifications for the resurfacing of two parking lots.

    More generally, the public relations consultant of the RIO, Cédric Essiminy, underlines the complexity of the work-in-progress. “You need to understand that the Tower is a building unique in the world, 165 meters in height, with an inclination of 45 degrees, a dozen floors without any column interior, and that it had never been renovated before today,” he said in a reply sent by e-mail.

    This work will run in parallel with the refurbishment of the external envelope of the tower, for an additional amount of$ 100 Million. The RIO ensures that the total allocation of$ 143.5 Million will be respected. “Because we had expected that it was a preliminary estimate,” said Cedric Essiminy about contracts that have led to additional costs.

    Strange tender

    Moreover, the results of a call for tender for tower cranes have been disliked by the makers of the RIO. The work is estimated to be between$ 4.5 Million and$ 9 Million received bids of$ 24.5 MILLION (STER Cranes) and$ 30.4 MILLION (SGC GMP).

    In front of these gaps, which could not be justified in any way “, the RIO has been entrusted by the manager of the construction site, the contractor Pomerleau, the mandate to provide the two cranes, one of which was the highest in Canada. Pomerleau has finally got the contract for$14 Million.

    Is comical, the installation of a crane in the center of the construction site has need of… pierce the canvas of the Stage.


    Significant cost overruns

    WSP Canada

    • Original contract : $2M
    • Extras : $1.4 M
    • Gap : 70 %

    Bouthillette Parizeau

    • Original contract : $2.2 M
    • Extras : 900 000 $
    • Gap : 40 %

    Services intégrés Lemay

    • Initial contract 189 250 $
    • Extras 194 250 $
    • Gap 103 %


    The setbacks of the olympic Stadium

    File Photo, Jacques Bourdon

    1976 : The olympic Stadium is not completed in time for the olympic Games in Montreal. The place receives the athletics competitions, but the mast is still absent from the structure.

    1986 :an explosion and a fire in the tower, during construction, forcing the interruption of an Expo’s game. In the same year, a piece of the mast collapses near the paddock succession of Exhibitions, in the full game.

    Photo archive

    1987 : the first attempt to open the roof, the canvas is torn.

    1991 : A beam exterior of 55 tonnes collapses, forcing the Expos to play 26 games remaining on the road.

    Photo archive

    1998 : The web is torn under the weight of snow and forced the cancellation of a show by the Rolling Stones.

    1999 : A large tear in the canvas causes a fall of snow inside the stadium and forced the cancellation of the Salon international de l’auto in Montreal.

    2006 : Thirty years after the olympic Games of Montreal, Quebecers have finally finished paying for the Stadium and the facilities surrounding it. Invoice amount: $1.5 billion.

    2012 : During work to build the new stadium, a concrete slab collapsed into the underground parking lot of the olympic Park.