Events: Labeaume invites the two groups to “go and be seen elsewhere”

News 22 August, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    The mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, came back on the events of Sunday.

    Taïeb Moalla

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 14:37

    Monday, 21 August 2017 15:02

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    Fearing for the image of Quebec city, mayor Labeaume has asked on Monday The Pack as well as the group of “provocateurs” conducted by activist Jaggi Singh to “look elsewhere” as in Quebec city.

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    “I would like it not to see. You we are doing wrong in terms of reputation. Quebec, this is not it. We invests a lot of money to attract tourism, ” said the mayor of Quebec city, Monday, on the sidelines of a press conference.

    The latter reacted to the events of Sunday, which saw “the cream of the thugs and provocateurs in Quebec,” grouped in the city. The situation has escalated when radical militant were involved in the rally against racism. Several acts of violence and vandalism have been committed. The running of The Pack was delayed for several hours. However, it was peaceful in the late afternoon.

    Scouts and morons

    Recognizing that The Pack has met on Sunday the recommendations of the police of Quebec city, Régis Labeaume was keen to say that this group has a speech ” very ambiguous “. According to the mayor, ” if we listen to them, they go to the limit to make us believe that they are scouting or that it is a species of friendly camping-caravaning “. However, the members of the Pack have ” the air of a private militia “, he reiterated.

    Referring to back-to-back the extreme right and the extreme left, Mr. Labeaume spoke of ” the behavior so moronic of the thugs and troublemakers of the band Jaggi Singh, for whom violence is a way of legitimate expression “.

    On the other hand, the mayor has made it known that the events of Sunday have cost $ 75,000 to the municipal police services. After discussions with the police, Régis Labeaume argued that the rioters were number 80 and they were “all of Montreal” by bus. The mayor of Quebec city has suggested that the arrests could take place in the coming days since the police Department has video recordings of the violence.

    Trois-Rivières and Lévis

    The mayor of Quebec city has invited the demonstrators of the two groups to get to Trois-Rivières and Lévis – rather than in Quebec city – for their upcoming gatherings. Why these two cities in particular ? “Because I have a lot of affection for the two mayors “, he responded, referring to its cold relations with Yves Lévesque and Gilles Lehouillier.

    Asked to clarify his thought, Régis Labeaume has subsequently ensured that he did not use his ” sense of humor “.