Exceptions are provided for in the act

News 24 March, 2018
  • Dominique Scali

    Friday, 23 march 2018 22:15

    Friday, 23 march 2018 22:15

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    School principals may place students in secondary 4 in the sciences even if they have failed during the 3rd, because exceptions are provided for in the act, strip the ministry of Education about this controversial practice.

    The Newspaper published Friday, the testimonies of teachers who denounced the fact that, in some schools, secondary 3 students have failed their science classes with 20 % or 40%, are then promoted in the course of secondary 4 of the same material.

    According to the law, the passing score in the 3rd secondary is 60 %, has finally responded to the ministry of Education to the Newspaper Friday.

    The teachers ‘ trade unions find that school boards can circumvent the law by this practice.

    However, the act also provides a series of exceptions. For example, if the redouble is at risk of causing a “serious prejudice to the student” for ” humanitarian reasons “, this can be avoided if parents make the request, said the ministry.

    Wrong message

    A derogation is also possible to “promote the realization of an educational project specific to a group of students,” says the ministry.

    According to Richard Bergevin, president of the education Union of the eastern Townships, it is precisely these exception clauses that are too often used not directions, in order to justify passing a student.

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    Carole Poirier, Parti québécois

    “The message it sends is that to fail in science, this is not serious,” says Carole Poirier, of the Parti québécois.

    “It dooms the students to failure and discouragement “, is full of Jean-François Roberge of the CAQ.