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Brigitte Macron is not a Desperate Housewife at the Elysée. Proof.


She came to 850 employees – staff of the palace and political advisers – who work daily in this temple of the supreme power. Professor of letters very involved in the past, Brigitte Macron invests diligently every morning at 9 o’clock her desk in the drawing room of the Ferns on the ground floor of the Elysee. It takes knowledge of the 140 letters and e-mails she receives each day. They help take the pulse of the French. It also exchanges with its director and chief of staff, Pierre-Olivier Costa and Tristan Bromet, to see which directions will be able to borrow its action in the coming months. Its objective : to ensure that the French company agrees to integrate the different people.

Brigitte Macron works in close collaboration with the office of her husband. It has alsoéjeuné these past few weeks with some of the ministers including that of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. It potash finally the folders that the cell diplomatic passes, about foreign visitors that it receives to the presidential palace. Among the latter, the princess Mary of Denmark or Arnold Schwarzenegger were dating at the top… the wife of The French president also sympathized with the first lady of colombia.

Between the walls of centuries-old wing Madame, as she was formerly at Bercy, fortress more modern, it ensures that every morning, when she left her private apartments on the first floor, the morale of each. “ His good mood protects it from the pressure and his humor deadpan serves as a safety valve , “to Gala one of her friends. She has vowed to his loved ones, the protocol does stifle not. Not great tralalas when she receives these in her new garden. She facilitated pleasant evenings in a period scorching hot. The guests amuse themselves à la bonne franquette around the large wooden table on the terrace, which overlooks the towering trees of the park. On the menu, very often, grilled fish and seafood. Specialties that Macron thrive and contribute to their neat row. Just as the sessions of bike that is needed for a long time the wife of the head of State (…)

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