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Camille Lacourt just confide in our columns on his everyday dad single. A status that he had been dreading now a source of daily happiness.

Fusional, gaga, cake, chicken, Camille Lacourt is all kinds of dad. Because Jazz, the daughter he had with Valérie Bègue is simply the sun of his existence and him, as naturally he becomes a fish in the water, gravitates around it, magnetized by his power of attraction.


My life revolves around my daughter Jazz. When it is late in the morning (which happens sometimes), it made the race all the two on the way. She, scooter, and me, on foot. I love the recover with the school and play at the park with her. It is already beginning to swim, I am very proud of it ! “, has just entrusted us with the exclusive swimmer of 32 years. A confidence that is a perfect illustration on his account Instagram ; which is so full of adorable shots where father and daughter put themselves into the scene. A total happiness and even more since the future retiree basins has been able to domesticate his life as a single father.


In fact, shortly after his divorce with Valerie Bègue, which occurred in October of last year after six years together and three of marriage, the native of Narbonne was said in the show the Entire Sport, as to what role to play one : “I have my daughter one week out of two in Paris so it will be a lot of work out of the water. I want to do tennis, squash, go running, do body building. And the week where I will be able to go down to Marseille, I train a little more in the water. Papa single, it’s going to be a little “freestyle” at the beginning, but I am sure that we will live with Jazz moments of complicity extraordinary. “A promise kept !

Dad, you are sharp!! Problem => Solution #jaiperdu10ans #viedepapa

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Happy feast day to all the dads! #montresor

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Family weekend and enjoy to the max

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Because the commitment is learned early… #unejoueunbisou #clarins @lhallyday @valerie.begue

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