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Ludovic Chancel has died at the age of 42 years, a 7/07/2017 -7 was his favorite number – without having reviewed Annie Chancel, his mother. It is she that the young man claimed to body and cries, leaving Sheila to the public. Lately he dreamt of a truce, a dinner, family reunion…

Tragedy of a destiny. For the past seven years, Sheila, and his only son were more – the boy had more contact with his father. The singer was sometimes called, was regularly in contact with Sylvie Ortega Munos, his companion, but was not willing to meet.

In recent times, Ludo was tired, ” says the lover of Ludovic Chancel. He thought of all the time to his mother. He dreamed of a truce, he spoke of the anniversary that she was preparing . He had a desire that we have dinner together… ” But Ludovic Chancel is gone before seeing his dream come true

Why does the singer think she wanted to see his son ? “I think in her head she had drawn a line on him. She had also said : “His life, it is necessary to make it and that he forgets mine. “(the statements in C to you, Anne-Sophie Lapix, in October 2013, ed.) Ludo did not accept. Didn’t get it. It was full of beautiful childhood memories with her, they loved each other tenderly…

The first tear between mother and son, tear public in any case, dates back to September 2012. The young man had been placed in police custody following a complaint filed by Sheila for telephone harassment and threats. “It is true that he called his love, called to see her, that he could harass her and that the exchanges could be raw, admits Sylvie Ortega Munos today who adds : “But at no point had the intention to do anything against it, that’s for sure.

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