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Techno 30 March, 2018

2018-03-30 09:17

Experts explained, when there will be 4G and why it may be delayed
Such technologies are not introduced in a single day, experts say.

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Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies, starting Friday, March 30, will be ready to issue mobile operators are the first permits for the operation of base stations of the fourth generation.

About it writes Rus.Media.

“The long-awaited 4G in the 2600 MHz band will finally become available. So this is good news for users of services which are among the first to receive the benefits of modern technology – reliable and high-speed Internet”, – said the Executive Director of the UCRF Vadim Gulko, said on the Agency’s website.

According to him, recently the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine have agreed to the operators the documents for the use of radio frequency resource. This allowed the specialists of the state enterprise to complete work on the implementation of frequency assignments and issuance of permissions for a new standard.

The head of the centre of radio frequencies said that after receiving the operators of the respective licences will become a reality and the introduction of 4G in the 1800 MHz band.

“4G is the future, not one day. Technology will be implemented as 3G gradually. However, the specialists of the UCRF as before will contribute to the process of deployment of the network as efficiently as possible,” said Gulko.