Experts gave a terrible explanation for the long winter!(video)

Techno 25 March, 2018

2018-03-25 15:29

Experts gave a terrible explanation for the long winter!(video)
The darkness is coming.

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Snow in the Sahara, a Blizzard in new York, freezing Rome and Paris, the snowfall in Ukraine — the “winter of the eighteenth year” will be remembered all over the planet. And the blame does not the notorious “hackers”. Scientists link cold with a decrease in solar activity and predict: in the next 30 years our life will change not for the better, reports Rus.Media.

So when spring? This issue today, often in different languages entered in Internet search engines. In Kiev, the winter this year was delayed for six weeks, and then twice exceeded the norm in the snow. To melt it, according to forecasts, will be at least until the end of April. And some mountains of snow can safely lie to the July.

In Japan, where already was to begin the season of cherry blossom, in the midst of the snowfall.

Professor of the British University of Northumbria: “Solar activity is now at a minimum and the magnetic field of the Sun is very greatly reduced. This means that cosmic rays are destroying our clouds in the troposphere, open atmosphere and make the temperature colder. In addition to snow in North America and Europe appear very unusual Northern lights — a very unusual color. It says that particles do not come from the sun and from cosmic rays. In this regard, we believe that this is the beginning of a global solar minimum will last 30 years.”

Is it tomorrow we will have a new ice age?

Leading researcher of the Institute of physics of the Earth: “In General, solar activity is a regular cyclic process. And every 11 years the number of sunspots increases and then again decreases. Our calculations show that the following three cycle of solar activity will be lower in amplitude compared to the previous. If you take a schematic graph, the following cycle will be lower. That is, he will be the amplitude is lower, then even lower, then solar activity will recover”.

In history there have been periods of low solar activity. The most famous is the Maunder Minimum, which began in 1645 and lasted more than half a century. The Thames and the Danube, went sledding, and the frozen Moscow river for six months served as a site for fairs. Really for us it starts on something like that?

Valentina Zharkova: “Period, which was during the Maunder Minimum, was much longer, it was six solar cycles. This next modern, which will come, it will be much shorter — just three cycles. And in this regard probably will not be such disasters. But the temperature will drop”.

Climatologist John Casey collaborates with NASA, and about the possible consequences of the “little Ice age” not so optimistic. He and several of his colleagues presented a report to the heads of the leading world governments and the UN, which explicitly stated: humanity is in danger.

John L. Casey, a climatologist: “in the near future we are waiting for dark and cold days and nights and as a result, destruction of crops and mass starvation”.

A radical shift in climate, according to Casey, is now, and the current abnormal weather proof.

John L. Casey: “When the consequences of these changes will be felt, they will feel throughout the world, all Nations. And we must come to realize that in the next 30 years our life will change.”

Approximation theory of the new global cooling explains a lot, but still does not give answers to all questions. Why, last year, belatedly began not only the summer but autumn and winter? Or why a large part of the winter was warm enough? Maybe season and all moved a month ahead? While scientists speculated that the planet’s inhabitants deal with the problems that they planted the climate. Most affected farmers.