Experts say the perfect time to perform important things

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 19:02

Experts say the perfect time to perform important things
Expert in sleep issues, Dr. Paul Kelly of Oxford University argues that circadian rhythms that regulate our 24-hour mode, and can change throughout life

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This means that in every age there is a “best time” to Wake up and holding routine classes, reports Rus.Media.

So, how do scientists to plan your schedule and waking activity at different ages:

If you are 20 years

9:30 Revival. That’s the time that researchers call optimal for waking up in 20 years.

10:00 Morning coffee. The reason why a lot of young people don’t eat Breakfast – they’re just not hungry at that time. About two hours after you Wake up they are in a state of sleep inertia, the researchers note, and caffeine helps with this condition to get rid of.

12:00 Beginning of work. In 20 years at this time, the brain begins to work productively.

15:00 Time for sex. 20-year-old desire to have sex arises at any time of the day. Experts suggest to throw out this energy in the middle of the day.

15:30 Lunch. Starting your day later, 20-year-old does not need food at this time.

17:00 Training. The peak efficiency of physical work in this age group comes at a time of from 15 to 18 hours.

20:00 End of work. At this time, the 20-year-old achieve your mental peak.

20:30 Time entertainment. This is the perfect time for watching TV and tablet use.

21:30 Dinner will provide energy for the evening.

22:00 Time for research. Creative thinking young people works best at night.

23:00 the Perfect time for alcoholic beverages. 20-year-old a higher tolerance to alcohol. Typically, researchers are advised not to drink later than 4 hours before bedtime, because the chemicals remain active in the blood, but the young people are the exception.

00:00 Time to turn off the phone. Turn off the gadgets you need for an hour before bedtime, experts remind.

1:00 Quiet hour. If you go to bed later in the morning, your body will not have time to relax.

If you are 30 years old

8:10 the Awakening. The brain, lungs, and muscles are starting to get old, and the body shifts your internal clock in order to optimize the time allotted to it.

8:20 a Time for sex. Sunlight increases the level of testosterone in both sexes by stimulating the hypothalamus (part of brain responsible for hormones), making this the perfect time for lovemaking.

8:40 Breakfast. The only thing that you need to avoid sweet or starchy foods, which lead to the first spike, and then drop in blood sugar levels.

10:40 getting started. Hormone cortisol 30-year-old reaches its natural peak at this time.

14:10 Lunch. Try to give preference to protein food and not to eat too late, otherwise, organs begin to use reserves of glucose body, causing us to feel irritable.

15:40 Rest. At this time you should lie down for 20-30 minutes to restore power.

18:40 shutdown.

19:00 Training. At this stage of life muscles, if they are fully warmed up to work best at the end of the day.

19:45 Time for communication. At this time, your mood improves, and the potential for thinking and communication is high.

20:10 Dinner. 30-year-old need food for 90 minutes after work. It is also a good time to drink – at this age the liver effectively metaboliziruet alcohol.

22:00 Time for watching TV or light reading.

23:40 Dream. 30-year-old to rest, lie down to sleep until midnight.

If you are 40 years old

7:50 the Awakening. In 40 years, the Wake cycle takes precedence over the sleep cycle.

8:20 Breakfast. 40 prefer food with high fiber content, expert advice.

8:45 Walk. To disperse the blood. Physical activity for 40 years needed in the morning.

10:20 getting started.

10:45 Time for coffee.

13:50 Lunch.

15:30 housework. The perfect time to roll up your sleeves, because you have a high coordination of eyes and hands.

18:20 shutdown.

19:50 Dinner. Eating up to 20 hours gives the body the maximum time to digest before bedtime.

20:20 the Time for sex. Sex will help to promote relaxation by releasing oxytocin, which promotes relaxation.

23:30 Sleep. So during sleep you are fully rested, you need to go to bed before midnight.