Facebook Messenger: Bread and games

Techno 30 November, 2016

facebook-messenger-instant-gamesIt’s good old Roman recipe that seems to have chosen the future of Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging service displaying 1 billion monthly active users. After the contents and services (bread) favored by the advent of apps and bots , here come the games, literally.

The firm Menlo Park announced in effect today the launch of Instant Games, a selection of classics – seventeen in all – video game (Pac Man, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Puzzle Bobble, Track and Field, Galaga. ..) to find directly into the email application with a new dimension: that of the game to many, and integration in conversations. First launched in 30 countries, this new feature, however, address the iOS smartphone owners and recent Android.

Instant Games followed two experiments: a basketball game and a football game launched respectively in March and July this year, having totaled to date 1.2 billion for the first parts against 250 million for the second.

To play is simple, just open a conversation (new or existing), press the icon “joystick”, and choose a game. After the game, a ranking of the scores is appropriate and a permitted revenge … a infinity.

Because it is non-avowed aim of the maneuver, make users “addicted” and constantly attract a younger audience on the platform. Recall that Messenger can be used for several months without obligation to have a Facebook account.

Who would have thought there are still a few years that Messenger would be a favorite playground of inovation for the group operates the first global social network? Probably not publishers and advertisers, who will perhaps be able to find here, as with the applications, a new field … game!