Facebook tests a tool “anti-fake news”

Techno 23 January, 2017

Facebook is committed to ensuring that the news you share on the social network is authentic and true. And it starts in Germany before we get home.
You know, the editorial ‘of meltyStyle doing its best to inform you daily. But everyone does not have the same integrity as us and that’s how unfounded gossip of all kinds run at full speed on the canvas . In this regard, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg decided to play the heroes by fighting against the false information. Already, we spoke to you last month, Facebook may soon launch its own digital newsstand for Snapchat Discover sauce . But above all, what makes the news of the social network is the fact that the latter is currently testing a tool unpublished in Germany, aimed at removing all the false information circulating on its platform. But what does it mean and what does it take concretely? Answer right away.
It is this Sunday, January 15 that Facebook announced that it would begin deploying the first measures related to this “anti fake news” tool in Germany this year. This announcement finds its place in the fact that elections will take place at the end of the year in the country of Angela Merkel. Clearly, Facebook wants to avoid being associated with the results of the election, as was the case at the time of the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. Many people have accused the platform to have played an important role in access to power of the businessman . The American giant will therefore work with independent organizations that meet the fact-checking codes of the Poynter Institute of Journalism. Organizations will report to Facebook if any news is true or if it is totally false, resulting in sanctions, if any. Sanctions that will not go to the censorship (contrary to what happened to a work of art deemed “too bare” for Facebook) , but appear more or less clearly that the information shared n ‘ Is not completely reliable. What do you think of this initiative?