Fake news: Facebook is going to prioritize the sources according to their reliability

News 19 January, 2018
  • AFP


    Friday, 19 January 2018 17:12

    Friday, 19 January 2018 17:15

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    SAN FRANCISCO | Facebook will prioritize sources of information according to the degree of reliability which is accorded to them by the users of the social network, has announced the group Friday, a new illustration of her fight against the ” false information “.

    “I asked our teams to ensure that we give priority to the information, reliable (really) informative and local,” said the boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in a text published on his personal page.

    But how to decide the reliability of sources of information, has questions there also, adding to have decided to ask the users themselves.

    “We will now ask the user if they know such-and-such a source of publishing information and, if this is the case, if they trust this source. The idea is that some media are not considered as reliable as by their readers or viewers, while others have a degree of confidence more widely in the society, even by those who do not follow them directly, ” says Mr Zuckerberg.

    Based on the responses, publications in the media considered to be reliable will be more visible on the news feed.

    “This novelty does not change the amount of information that you will see on Facebook. This will only change the balance of information in favor of sources that are considered reliable by the community of users, ” says Zuckerberg.

    This new announcement comes a week after another step of Facebook, which announced on Thursday its intention to reduce the presence of marks and media on the news feed.

    The group has been criticized for months, accused in particular of not doing enough to combat the false information present on the network, which claims two billion monthly active users.