Famous Korean Director fined for abuse of an actress

News 7 December, 2017

Kim Ki-Duk, the famous Korean Director will be paid 4.5 thousand dollars for the use of physical force for the actress. In addition, the victim accused the Director of the forced shooting in a brutal sex scene that was missing in the script.


During the filming of the film “möbius” in 2013, Kim Ki-Duk has applied brute force to the actress who played the main role in the film. The Director gave his ward a slap in the face, and then , according to the victim, Kim Ki-Duk forced her to act in a brutal scene of a sexual nature, which in the script was not.

The Director himself denies the presence of such incident and claims it happened during filming one of the scenes of the film, and the actress is all interpreted. However, the Seoul court took the side of the girl and forced the Director to pay compensation to the victim.