Famous tamer of snakes from Malaysia died from the bite of the Cobra : In the World : Vladim

News 17 March, 2018

In Malaysia, died a famous tamer of snakes. 33-year-old Zarina Abu of Hoosen was bitten by a king Cobra. Its bite was fatal and save the boy failed.


Abu hoosen worked in a special division of firefighting and rescue services, whose employees were caught and neutralized the poisonous snakes. Besides, the guy taught and other correctly to catch the snakes. Zmeelova Abu Hoosen knew many. His ability to pull snakes out any gaps distinguishes guy from the other professionals in this field. Three years ago Abu Hoosen was already bitten by a snake, but then the doctors managed to save him.


The tragedy occurred in bentong town. The insidious Cobra attacked the guy from under the ceiling when he tried to catch her. The snake handler was immediately hospitalized. In the hospital hoosen died.