Fat Siberian tigers are not afraid the thirty-degree frost in a Chinese zoo In the World : Vladim

News 18 February, 2018

China came the frosts, and in one of the cities of China – Shenyang, the temperature fell to 30 degrees below zero. However, striped at the local zoo, the cold does not cause discomfort due to the thick layer of subcutaneous fat.


Before animal rights activists have criticized the management of the institution for what their children put on weight. However, experts said the activists of the movement for the protection of animals, big cats for the winter to gain weight – it helps them to endure the cold without damage to health. When the season is changing to warmer, tigers shed accumulated over the winter pounds.

Animal welfare activists, this explanation did not satisfy. They believe that the zoo is disingenuous, and the tigers are in fact sick because of improper diet and lack of exercise.