Father Emmett “Pops” Johns, the organization’s founder In the street, is dead at age 89

News 15 January, 2018
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    Frederick T. Muckle

    Sunday, 14 January 2018 15:38

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    Father Emmett Johns, known as “Pops”, the organization’s founder In the street, who comes to the aid of youth homeless in Montreal, died Saturday at the age of 89 years.


    The organization has published the news on its wire Facebook Sunday afternoon, and its spokesperson has confirmed to TVA News.

    The 8th of December last, In the street pointed out that the father Emmett Johns had given, it was exactly 29 years ago on this day, his first hot dog to a homeless youth.


    Described by some as a unifying leader with a real ” head of pig “, the social worker and the pastor will leave as the image of a true force of nature to his former colleagues.

    “Her determination was endless,” says Dave Dumouchel, an employee of the public body In the street for 15 years. He has always been fighting to defend its values and its vision. It was rarely a non-response as when he was in head to do something. “

    Pops has helped thousands of people through the years, including the son of André Turgeon, a resident of the city of Quebec.

    “My boy was roaming in the street in Montreal for several years, and in the end, the organization has saved from homelessness, says Mr. Turgeon. I hope that everyone […] will continue to help, to convey the soul of this man and continue his work. “

    A person exception

    “It is a character of the caliber of the abbe Pierre in France, or even mother Theresa to Montreal and to its young people,” explains Etienne Lalonde, the senior director of development and communications at In the street, to describe the icon of montreal.

    It is at the age of 60 years, this “missionary of the street” has as its mission to help the troubled youth of the metropolis.


    To do this, the Montreal native has borrowed $ 10,000 to buy a caravan old, from which he doled out hot dogs to young people that he affectionately called ” his children “.

    Nearly 30 years later, the organization now comes to the assistance of a thousand young people annually.

    Despite the working hard, it is estimated that approximately 35 000 young people use shelters each year in Canada.

    “The needs are still there,” said Mr. Lalonde. The reality of the roaming youth is still very present in Montreal, and we will do everything to continue his mission as he had imagined. “

    Reactions to his death on Twitter

    Thank You Pops. Your work with young people of Montreal will leave its mark for generations to come. Hope that the work and vision of @_danslarue will continue. https://t.co/hBfSqyDJGR

    — Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) January 14, 2018


    My sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the Father Emmett Johns. “Pops”, as everyone called it, founded in 1988, the agency @_danslarue which helps young homeless or in a precarious situation. Thank you for everything.

    — Philippe Couillard (@phcouillard) January 14, 2018


    A pioneer of the assistance to street youth. We can not count the lives he saved. If there is one above all others that deserves a national funeral.
    RIP Pops. https://t.co/dCezM7hdwh

    — Dan Bigras (@DanBigras) January 15, 2018


    It is with sadness that I welcome the news of the death of Pops. A giant in montreal of solidarity and mutual support, just leave us. My hearts go out to his family and to his loved ones and all those he helped over the years. Thank you for everything. #polmtl

    — Valerie Plante (@Val_Plante) January 14, 2018