FBI: Apple, there are “assholes” In the World : Vladim

News 12 January, 2018

The FBI calls Apple employees “assholes” due to the encryption of smartphones, complicating intelligence agencies of hacking the mobile devices. This is reported by Western media.


In the American office noted that due to the encryption of smartphones representatives the FBI now had to spend on hacking Apple gadgets almost two months, whereas before this procedure took a couple of days. Owing to the increase in the time to try a password, the FBI can enter a single password once every 20 seconds. Before it took about 60 seconds to bust more than four dozen passwords.

The press reports that in addition to the requirements on the Apple in the FBI expressed words of encouragement for a certain company from Israel, which, according to officers, the only counteracts the “Apple” giant and provides them with ways to hack smartphones Apple.