FC Barcelona: Five ways to get fired from the club

Sport 15 January, 2017

Things to avoid to avoid being dismissed from Barca.
Ah Barca , the club where everyone looks happy (when the team wins), where players seem bound by an unbreakable friendship, where leaders seem to be your mates where supporters The harmless air … In short, a magical world. Really ? Not so sure. And yes, even there, there are ways to get fired . There were at least five, some chelous, some more classical and some surprising. Read also: Why Lionel Messi prefers free kicks on penalties (videos) .

Criticize Messi

Friday, at the end of the draw of the final of the King’s Cup quarter-Pere Gratacós, the training center director Barca Messi dared to descend from its pedestal: “This is the best yes, but Messi would not be as good without Iniesta, Neymar and company ” he blurted. What looks like an innocuous declara is actually a crime of lese-majeste to Barca, and the penalty was quick to fall . Albert Soler, the manager of the professional teams decided to remove him from his duties, quite simply.
Being a supporter of Real
In December 2015, Sergi Guardiola was recruited in team B of the Barça, before being transferred two hours later. Involved, pro-Real and Barça anti-kind tweets “Go Madrid could … Catalans!”

Refusing to troubleshoot PQ
We are in 1978. Moving to Alicante with Barça, José Luis Nunez, the president of the club finds himself running out of pink paper. Fortunately, Johann Neeskens is in the vicinity. But to the surprise of Nunez, the Dutch star refuses to troubleshoot and save him from this embarrassing situation. Result, he promises to sell the indelicate to the next mercado who, angry, will leave before the penalty falls.

Andoni Zubizarreta, Barca sporting director between 2010 and 2015 was given thanks for, among others, missed his summer transfer window 2014. That summer, Douglas and the Belgian Thomas Vermaelen are recruited for more results than mixed . Douglas never managed to show up, and Vermaelen, who was injured, was able to play only one match of the 2014-2015 season.

More classic. Eusebio Sacristan was fired in February 2015 as coach of the B team Barça, that pointed to the 17th place in the championship . In football, it remains a habit.