FC Barcelona: Neymar The plan to face Real Madrid

Sport 8 November, 2016

je-veux-un-carton-jauneUnder the threat of a suspension in the upcoming Liga matches, Neymar should soon on purpose to take the yellow to be sure to play the next Clasico …

Be able to count to five. Seen like this, Neymar should happen. But what are we talking about? It’s simple, the Brazilian Barça has accumulated four yellow cards in the last days of Liga and it is under the threat of a fifth, which could deprive the following for the match. But with the international break happens, there are only two games before the Catalans face Real Madrid on December 3 . This is the receipt of Malaga (19 September) and the field trip to Real Sociedad (27 November). The goal of Neymar? Take a cardboard face to Malaga to miss the game against Sociedad and ensure they are available for the Clasico.

“I want a yellow card!”
You follow? Of course, it is also possible that Neymar does gets no card in the next two games and it would be quite capable of arguing the clash against Real Madrid. But nothing guarantees him not be pushed to the limit in Anoeta on November 27 if he was not warned to face Malaga. So we guess it will take no risk and that he will make sure the referee sent him a small biscuit against the Andalusian club . How? Here are some tips: take time to take a free kick, shoot tripped an opponent egregiously, crudely simulate a fault, say a few names of birds … We are sure that his imagination will find the right way! Related News: Neymar defended by a former Real Madrid player . What do you think of this plan?