Fear of death VS fear of life!

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 22:54

Fear of death VS fear of life!
It turns out our fear of death is proportional to the fear of life!

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Death is the worst subject for most people. Maybe it’s because we are the only creatures on Earth that are fully aware of their own mortality. A horrible thought that we all share, is that once we die, we cease to exist, reports Rus.Media.

We live, trying to distance themselves from the idea. As our materialistic world increases in proportion to our individual egoistic sense, science begins to demystify and reduce our existence to something, obtained solely by chance.

The fear of death has its role in our biological survival. But when we allow fear to take possession of the whole of our lives – to put the needs of our body before the needs of our soul – then we have a serious imbalance. This is what happens in our culture today. We have become obsessed with the continuation of our physical youth, while in other parts of the world people are dying of hunger.

1. In that moment, when you were born, you died”

In that moment, when you were born in between you and your grave arose the unbroken line. Life and death arise mutually, at the same time there is a beginning and an end. No accident that in our society there are two major taboos that actually one: sex and death. Sex is the process by which we become, and death is how we’re keeping him.

The problem is that we perceive the reality of the third dimension, almost as a direct; our birth is represented by a separate event from our death. At the quantum level, everything happens simultaneously, and if we are able to perceive four-dimensional space, we can see our own death.

Life is a buildup to the climax that we call death.”

2. Death makes you alive

It may seem paradoxical, but only through death can we be truly “alive” beings that makes life even more fun. If you know that you will live forever, life would be extremely boring and uninteresting.

If we knew that all was safe, and with us, nothing can happen… what we would have had the motivation?

This ephemeral nature of life, variability gives us perspective. Death makes the love and vulnerability so joyful.

3. Death makes us grateful

We are all lone wolves at heart, whether we realize it or not. Life and death is a separate journey in which many members we encounter on our way.

Whenever you enjoy the presence of a loved one, friend, family member, take a step back. Be aware of the variability of life and pay attention to this point, with all its mundane detail, as if you were experiencing a moment from the future, as if this person is no longer in your life.

This future perspective of the present moment is one of the most beautiful ways to be grateful for what is.

4. Death is a prospect

Death is the basis of most fears. Even public speaking can be considered a primitive fear of rejection. But why are we so afraid of death?

Most of us fear death because we associated it with physical pain, or we are afraid of the uncertainty of the afterlife. If you dedicate yourself enough introspection, you will realize that it is not you die, and what you think is you, that is your body, your feelings, your thoughts, the perception of your brain, your story and memories. But when we die, our soul or our deep and pure unchanging consciousness, back to the source!

5. Death and rebirth

Many philosophers, religious figures and thinkers have spent their entire life thinking about what happens after death, and there is an afterlife or not.

The truth is that if we understand energy, we understand that nothing can ever be destroyed; it constantly changes form, transformirovalsya.

6. Death is the mirror of life

Death is the mirror of life; regardless of what you dedicated your life, it will definitely affect the moment of your death!