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News 23 December, 2017
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    The Bistro La Folie, located in the heart of Saint-Sauveur, includes a restaurant and a bar.

    Dominique Scali

    Friday, 22 December 2017 21:58

    Friday, 22 December 2017 21:58

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    The droppings of rodents were to be found by the hundreds in the Bistro La Folie Saint-Sauveur after the institution had been left without maintenance for over a month because of a change of owner.

    “Feces were found on equipment in contact with food [depriver] “, was noted by the inspector during his visit of the 11th of September.

    The resto-bar located at 235, rue Principale Saint-Sauveur, in the Laurentians, has received two fines totalling $ 2,250 in last October, due to an infestation of rodents and for having operated his business for several months without a licence in force of the ministry of Food (MAPAQ).


    The trade was then open for a few months, says owner Hugo David, which was redeemed in June. The premises are left without maintenance for more than a month between the time the old owner has closed and the time when David took control of the premises.

    “With the food that lingered [ … ], It’s too long [as a period of time without maintenance],” says Mr. David.

    In September, an inspector visited the premises following a complaint. He found a fifty droppings of rodents behind the ovens, one can read in his report of 11 September.

    Twenty droppings were under the immerses and other lay along the walls and on a shelf, among the frying pans and dishes.

    In the basement, about a hundred scats have been found, especially on shelves with packages of napkins and disposable utensils.

    The inspector also found that some facilities were ” unclean “, such as knives, mixers and slice potatoes. “The floor under the equipment is very dirty. The fan is dusty in refrigerators “,-he noted.

    The inspector gave an order to close a five-day merchants, but Mr. David has to have everything cleaned up in 48 hours.

    Large household

    “Everything has been cleaned up, degreased. We tucked up the sleeves “. A cleaning the exterior of the building has also been done. The exterminateurs have made a daily monitoring of the situation, which is now set, ” added Mr. David.

    It ensures that inspectors returned a few weeks ago and have given it a rating of ” A1 “. He points out that customers can enter in the kitchen to see for themselves the cleanliness of the premises.

    As for the permit from the MAPAQ, which was not in force, this “omission” was quickly corrected, assures David.

    Excerpts from the report

    “Rodent droppings are present on food containers “

    – The inspector

    • Rodent droppings

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