Fees abusive in schools: the PQ calls for free

News 28 August, 2017
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    Veronica Prince

    Sunday, 27 August, 2017 17:37

    Sunday, 27 August, 2017 17:41

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    As thousands of students return to school, the Parti québécois questioned the government Couillard to make it comply with the law on free education.

    After having received many complaints from parents, the member of the PQ Alexandre Cloutier has analyzed dozens of bills related to school supplies. These have been filed as evidence in the context of a larger class action against the school boards.

    “For example, for a course on science and technology, we have a bill of $ 32 for the material, perishable and specialized, which serves as yet directly at the course “, he laments.

    The member of parliament for Lac-Saint-Jean also note that the school requires in addition to the $ 40 fee for photocopies. Students in the international program are also required to pay $ 70 for a fitness center, even if they do not want to use and that they are not enrolled in a sport-études program.

    The mp said also, that the costs of monitoring the midi is required for students in fifth secondary : “they are students of fifteen or sixteen years of age, and demand $ 140 per child “.

    Class action

    On its web site www.pq.org/bonnerentree the Parti québécois promised not only to abolish the costs related to school, it invites the parents to send their bills to put pressure on the minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, who is supposed to enforce the law on free education.

    The latter was not available to give an interview to TVA Nouvelles. His press officer has responded that ” the costs of school materials should not be an obstacle to learning.”

    “The law clearly provides that it must be free, except for the exercise books,” says Mr. Cloutier.

    Since a class action has been authorized against them in this folder, the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec has made no comment.

    For the official opposition, the government must send a clear directive to put an end to the fee-gouging.