Female and male brains really different. And it is even seen in the photo!

Techno 25 March, 2018

2018-03-25 12:05

Female and male brains really different. And it is even seen in the photo!
Want to know what exactly?.

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Men and women differ from each other not only in appearance. We think in different ways. It happened in the process of evolution, reports Rus.Media.

Men got developed spatial thinking, because in ancient times their main task was hunting. Women who kept the hearth and raise the children, have developed the ability to multi-task and have learned to establish social contacts.

Today the differences between men and women is also confirmed by the data obtained during the scanning of the brain.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) in collaboration with Dr. Rahn Verma conducted the most extensive of its kind study involving 428 males and 521 females.

That’s what researchers found:

  • the connection between the left and right hemisphere, women are much better;
  • in men, the brain activity especially actively occurs in the cerebellum, which is responsible for motility and regulation of balance;
  • men quickly perceive and process information because the connection between the front and rear lobes of the hemispheres is much better than in women;
  • women better perceive visual information – faces, the external features of objects.

It turned out, the biggest Megaron connections in the human brain pass along the entire body, and the brain women, on the contrary, fortified in diameter.

Differences in brain structure of men and women were not innate, they are manifested with age: almost not found in girls and boys under the age of 13 years. The difference became noticeable beginning in adolescence (13 to 17 years), it was fixed and young people over that age.

It is known that men are better than women cope with the tasks for processing spatial information and sensorimotor speed.

Women outnumber men when it comes to memorization, attentiveness and social skills.

The following research will be devoted to defining differences in brain structure of people belonging to different nationalities or social groups.

Have you noticed that men and women think differently? What is it manifested?