Feyenoord vs Heracles live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 14 May, 2017

Feyenoord vs Heracles live streaming free
May 14, 2017. 15:30. Rotterdam. Stadium “De Kueip”
Championship of Holland. The 34th round.

“Feyenoord” (Rotterdam) – “Heracles” (Almelo)

Injured : Hansson, Van Beck – Robin Gosens, Vincent Vermay , Gore Agbalian
Disqualified : Tony Villena (Feyenoord)

“Feyenoord” – “Heracles” : betting quotes
Bookmaker P1 H P2 TB2.5 TM2.5 entrance
Пари-Матч Pari-Match 1.19 7.70 12.50 1.29 3.40 BONUS 25 $
1xBet 1xBet 1.19 8.20 17.00 – – MAKE A BET
Марафон Marathon 1.18 8.20 17.50 – – MAKE A BET
Try number two. On Sunday, “Feyenoord” can do what it did not do a week ago, and what can not do good for 18 years. The victory in the match with “Herakles” will allow “cockroaches” to celebrate the coveted champion’s title regardless of the outcome of the match “Ajax”.

Rotterdam have lost an excellent opportunity to become champions in the last round, when everything was already ready for mass celebrations. But the Van Bronckhorst team was unexpectedly defeated in the derby with the Excelsior, which did not need anything. To play a neighbor is a matter of principle.

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“Ajax” his match, of course, won, and reduced the gap to a minimum. In the last round, the layout is simple: “Feyenoord” must necessarily win, then the whole Rotterdam (or almost all) will be a week of raging happiness; In case of loss of points “cockroaches”, “Ajax” has a chance for a silver plate, if he wins his match.

What is Heracles? On the “De Kayip” this team is not motivated at all, the “Hercules” still have not lost the chances of a ticket to the playoffs. To do this, they need to take the eighth place, which now occupies the “Heerenveen”. Both competitors have equal points, and the goal difference is three points better for friezes. It is necessary to take glasses in Rotterdam to claim something.

1 Feyenoord Rotterdam 33 25 4 4 83-24 +59 79
9 Heracles Almelo 33 12 7th 14 52-52 +0 43
“Feyenoord” – “Heracles” : indicative compositions
Gio van Bronckhorst is a sin to complain about personnel problems, he has a wonderful selection of players. But the disqualification of Tony Villena, who received an extra card in the last round, can seriously hit the “cockroaches”. Still, Tony – the team’s think tank, the leader of the midfield, on which much is being built in Feyenoord. Without him, the Rotterdam players played more than once this season, but on Sunday a special match, Tony’s qualities in which would be very useful.

In the rest, the mentor “cockroaches” are all in perfect order. He has no special problems, and John Steheman , almel’s mentor, has perhaps lost his leading defender Gosens.

“Feyenoord” – “Heracles” : the author’s forecast

Of course, the main trump card of Feyenoord will be his stadium. Crowded “De Kueip” will drive his players only forward throughout the match. Of course, “cockroaches” will play under serious pressure, to cope with which is their main task. The rostrum will help, and Feyenoord must win. So it will be fair.