Feykomet El Murid screwed up: “death” of two soldiers of the PMC “Wagner” in Syria is a lie : In the World : Vladim

News 10 March, 2018

Russian blogger had circulated false
information about the two victims “vagnerova”, which actually turned out to be
the militia of Donbass.

Earlier in the Network appeared information about two more “victims”
volunteers from the PMC “Wagner” in Syria. Information was disseminated
the famous Russian blogger Anatoly nesmiyan, known as El Murid,
who has previously been convicted of publishing false facts.

It turned out that two of the dead Russians actually
are volunteers from the Donbass, who died back in 2015, long before
the story of “vagnerovsky” in Syria.

It was found that Evgeny Barannikov, whom
El Murid issues for the deceased in the middle East, in fact, was killed by
Seranova two years earlier. This fact also confirms the post earlier
posted in Twitter.

The second “dead “vagnerova” is Edward Gilyazov
under the call sign “Ryazan”. You know that the volunteer listed
missing since armed conflict began in Eastern Ukraine. At
some reports, killed him in 2015. But such facts did not prevent El-Murid
openly lie: blogger utverjdaet that Gilyazov died in a military
hospitals in the Syrian Hama. Furthermore, he stated that after being wounded soldier
was “injured” so he died away from home.

The story
loss of volunteers from the PMC “Wagner” is still actively discussed in the Network. Rumors
about “mountains of corpses” and a few hundred dead Russians were dispelled by the President of the “League
veterans of military conflicts” Andrii Troshev”. He said that most
information published online about this situation is fictional.
In fact, in the coalition airstrike killed 14 man.

“On your forehead write: in Syria, killing 14
volunteers,” said Troshev.

The situation also commented on in the Russian
foreign Ministry. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
said that Western media continue a campaign to spread false
facts to discredit Russia.