Filing “wild” in Saint-Hyacinthe

News 14 July, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Gabriel Cahrtier
    Construction materials and children’s books bearing the label of the school Mountainview Otterburn Park, near Mont-Saint-Hilaire, has been filed without permission on a plot of Saint-Hyacinthe. The City has required the cleaning of the site, but will not seek the author of the spill.

    Anne Caroline Desplanques

    Friday, 14 July 2017 06:30

    Friday, 14 July 2017 06:30

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    A spill of debris near the airport in Saint-Hyacinthe, has forced the City to intervene yesterday, but the municipal administration does not attempt to find the culprit.

    “It is not in a position to assess whether it was contaminants. What we can say is that it was a deposit to wild,” says the spokesperson of the municipality, Jennifer Drouin-Ostiguy.

    Alerted by a neighbor, the City has ordered the owner of the land to clean the premises.

    Photo courtesy Gabriel Cahrtier

    It is the company Demofix who carried out the cleaning early yesterday morning. The co-owner of the firm, Patrick Jason, says that his company has nothing to do in the dumping of clandestine and simply cleaned up the site at the request of the owner of the land that would be “a friend”.

    “I have done nothing wrong,” he said. It cost me my time to go clean up junk, and I’ve done it on a volunteer basis.”

    Mr. Jason said that it was debris abandoned by individuals.

    “The people who do home renovations come “domper” on land, ” he says. One is obliged to pick up, even if they are not our waste, to have peace and not have the City on the back.”

    But the owner of the airport of Saint-Hyacinthe, Gabriel Chartier, mentions having observed “a company of demolition” file not less than four waste containers last Thursday.

    School books

    A series of photos sent to the Newspaper show an accumulation of construction materials, yellow bags full of materials, office furniture, and children’s books.

    Mr. Chartier has been observed that the books carried the label of the elementary school Mountainview Otterburn Park, near Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

    The school is closed for summer vacation, The Journal is addressed to the Riverside school board on which it depends. Our calls are, however, not been continued.

    On-site, The Journal was able to find that works were underway in the buildings of the primary school.

    A worker met at the door indicated that the establishment was in the process of rehabilitation of the sanitary blocks as well as the installation of a suspended ceiling.

    Strangely, a container bearing the name of Demofix was placed on the grounds of the facility during our visit.

    Photo courtesy Gabriel Cahrtier


    The co-owner of the company, Mr. Chalk, admits to having contracts with many school boards. However, he categorically denies being involved in the ongoing work of the school Mountainview or in the management of debris resulting from it.

    “The box is there, it is a box rented”, he insists.

    For its part, the City of Saint-Hyacinthe, don’t. The site has been cleaned as requested, the municipal administration considers the file closed, says the spokesperson, Ms. Drouin-Ostiguy.

    A priori, no investigation will be made to determine the source of the waste.

    — With the collaboration of Camille Garnier