Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: The samurai, the healers, the next novelties … Yoshida tells us all (EXCLUDED)

Techno 7 July, 2017

Released a few days ago, the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood unveiled to the public. The opportunity for Naoki Yoshida, the producer of the game, to learn a little more about the future of the MMORPG.

A few weeks ago, melty’s editorial team was in Japan for an exceptional visit to Square Enix. The opportunity to learn a little more about Stormblood, the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV, of which you can find our preview here. For Naoki Yoshida, the producer of the game, the arrival of Stormblood marks a decisive turning point in the future of Final Fantasy XIV. “With a MMORPG like FFXIV, you can not just offer content to players. You have to take into account all the possible ways to play, there are a lot of them. We have to offer a huge volume of content to satisfy everyone. ”

The Samurai, a new job that delights
Undoubtedly one of the most awaited novelties of Stormblood, the Samurai is one of the two new jobs introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. A new role of DPS that surprised some players. “When the creative team reflected on the possibility of adding the samurai craft to the game, we immediately thought about the DPS,” explains Naoki Yoshida. “I did not imagine Samurai Tank at all, his katana saber is too thin, it is elusive, I do not see how it could be used only to deal with enemy attacks.” A new character largely inspired by Star War Jedi Knights , Confirms the producer of the game, but that will not introduce a new DPS slot in the dungeon, “which would make the balancing too complicated.” Idem concerning the maximum number of players in the raids, a novelty that players were still waiting for With impatience.

Replenish abandoned areas?
Final Fantasy XIV is a vast universe filled with enchanting landscapes and fantastic creatures. The only problem for many players, the low level zones are often left deserted. Bearing, Naoki Yoshida, refuses to add new quests to the game in the idea of ​​bringing players back to old areas. “It’s a question we are asked quite often, but honestly, when you’ve already played in an area, do you really want to go back?” Asks the producer of FFXIV. “It would make no sense to push players back into an area they’ve already explored from top to bottom.” Areas that must continue to exist, however, thanks to the arrival of new players. “These places are not really empty, since there are new players. Our goal is to bring as many new players as possible to make these areas live, and to fill them up at the same time. ”

Some balancing scheduled with Stormblood
We suspect, the new update of FFXIV will include some welcome balances, especially with the healers. “Our observation about the healers is that players do not use them at a high level,” Naoki Yoshida explains. “We felt it was important to rectify this situation. We did not plan to nerve the healers, but we made some changes that should make them easier to play. They will be able to heal, while attacking when it is necessary “. A novelty that is part of the will of the game to reach a greater number of players. On the other hand, Stormblood will still not share a house with your characters. “Between the characters of the same account, cohabitation is not possible at the moment, but I understand that the players want to (this). This is a new feature that is actually planned, “promises Naoki Yoshida.

And for the rest?
Stormblood came out a few days ago, but the players are already thinking about what’s next, and wondering what additional content will be added to the expansion. “The new extension is not even out yet (our interview took place at the end of May, note), it’s a bit complicated to talk about what will happen next!”, Naoki Yoshida says. That every novelty implemented in the game is explained to the fans. “Every change in the game can be a source of dissatisfaction for the players. By explaining our choices to the players, we show them that the development team is not their enemy, and that it acts in the interest of the game. We need that players understand our approach. Fortunately, the producer of Stormblood promises us: “You will know more during the next Paris Games Week”. What we leave a few months to test the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV.