Final Fantasy XV: The PS4 versions Pro / PS4 / Xbox One video comparison

Techno 15 November, 2016

We were able to present the Judgment demo of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Pro LIVE. But what is it worth visually on Xbox One and PS4? A video you can see one of the three versions Comparo.

It’s YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits that we can discover the three versions of the Judgment demo of Final Fantasy XV side by side.

And see, with several sequences compared and support zooms, the version PS4 Pro wins at all levels and that turning on the console of Microsoft , which turns in lower resolution, does not take advantage of the same detail as the others.

The picture is more blurred strand and the other more pronounced aliasing. But on the other hand, difficult to say that it is unpleasant to the eye.

Anyway, we can judge the final version of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th.