Financial assistance to the Capitals Media: Couillard anxious to see the regional media disappear

News 13 December, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    The prime minister Philippe Couillard

    Pascal Dugas Drone

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 13:32

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 13:32

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    The prime minister Philippe Couillard justifies its financial support to newspapers of the Capitals Media by his fear to see print media disappearing regions.

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    The Press reported Wednesday morning that the media company, which notably has The Sun of Quebec city and Le Nouvelliste in Trois-Rivières, to receive a loan of $ 10 million to help it complete its transition to digital.

    “The media are currently the most threatened are print media, including printed media of the region. They are those whose condition is most precarious,” said Mr. Couillard, during a press briefing held on the sidelines of the unveiling of the digital strategy in Quebec.

    “These are newspapers that have to navigate the digital change, and which are subject to strong competition”, he added.

    Regarding the journalistic independence of these newspapers helped by the State, Mr. Couillard promises to be sensitive to this reality.

    “We don’t want to involve ourselves in the choice of media, in the news […], but their presence is essential, and we are happy to support them,” specified the prime minister.

    “It is certain that there was a concern [of the journalistic independence of the media helped by the State]. But the alternative, what would it be? Give up our regional media?”, a-t-he added.