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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


A love story, it talks each day. Emmanuel Macron seems to have well understood : in a relationship with Brigitte Macron for more than twenty years, he continues to play him barking all day. The president and the first lady even have their little favorite song, he interprets regularly at the piano.

Emmanuel Macron it is, of course, an iron fist – he has shown repeatedly, particularly in the face of Donald Trump. But the president also knows how to be caring, as he has proven on a regular basis : it is on this asset that it has counted to seduce his wife Brigitte Macron, and on which it still has. As the chief of the State is not resting on its laurels ; far from him the idea of letting his love story aside, with Brigitte it is still and always walking towards the future. And his technique to enchant the everyday life of its couple eyeing very frankly to the romanticism of hollywood.


Imagine. Emmanuel Macron moved to the piano, hands on keys. His fingers run on the keyboard of ivory and ebony. At his side, his wife listening, enthralled. This song, they know it by heart : the president often plays, for her, for them, for their love. It does not get tired. Maybe even hum, but what ? According to the magazine Current Values, the song of the presidential couple is a tube of… Michel Polnareff. Love Me, Please Love Me, title, released in 1967. “I’m crazy of you “, shouts Polnareff : five words that, obviously, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron exchange without lying.

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