Fiori continues its record company for 245 000$

News 7 December, 2017
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    Serge Fiori was honored at the ADISQ Gala in 2014 for the album of the year, adult contemporary.

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

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    The singer-songwriter Serge Fiori commences a lawsuit of $ 245,000 against his production house, he is accused of several breaches of contracts for his last album.

    “[Managing Its Image inc.] has knowingly breached its contractual obligations to such a degree that the business relationship has become untenable, ” said the former member of Harmonium in a lawsuit made public yesterday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    Mr. Fiori has against many alleged breaches of contracts of the record label, following the release of his album self-titled in 2014, after 28 years of absence.

    In seven weeks, the artist had been certified platinum with 80,000 copies sold, and it had ended the year in second place of the best sellers in Quebec, all categories included.


    But behind this success, not everything has not gone smoothly, says Mr. Fiori in the court document.

    By signing the contract, the author-composer-interpreter states that the parties had agreed to a production budget of approximately $ 75,000 for the costs of promotion.

    “These costs should be shared between the record company and Mr Fiori, says the civil lawsuit. “

    However, the production of the album would have ended up costing almost $ 400,000, while the promotion has climbed to $230,000.

    Page Facebook dedicated to the album would have also been poorly managed, despite investments of ” several thousands of dollars per month “. Mr. Fiori had not even the right of access to the page, one can read in the document.

    Not Felix

    Mr. Fiori also accuses Management of His Image inc. not to be consulted for important decisions, such as provided for in the contract.

    He blames, among others, the signing of an exclusive agreement with Red FM without having been consulted.

    “[This agreement] would have blocked other sources of visibility of the album, and potentially private [Mr. Fiori] a Felix, is the recognition in the québécois music, ” say the lawyers of the author-composer-interpreter.

    The artist accuses the record company of having acted ” against his interests “, and to have acted in bad faith in this case.

    He said he had, through lawyers, of the talks to settle their dispute, but the whole proved to be unsuccessful, where the filing of a civil lawsuit in Quebec superior Court that also asks for the termination of the contract.

    Unless an agreement out of court, the application will soon be presented to a judge.

    Management Sound Image inc. has not been recalled by The Newspaper.