Fire at the Cégep Garneau: more children evacuated

News 13 July, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Marc Vallières

    Catherine Bouchard

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 11:11

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 11:45

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    Young children who attended a summer camp at the Cégep François-Xavier Garneau had to be evacuated, so that a fire originated in a structure of the establishment.

    Photo Agence QMI, Marc Vallières


    The flames are declared in a part of the building where there was work. “The children were not in this game, but they were still evacuated and they are at the sports centre of the institution,” says France Voiselle, a spokesperson for the Department of fire prevention Québec (SPIQ).

    Photo Agence QMI, Marc Vallières

    It is too early to move forward on the cause of the fire. Forty firefighters are on-site.

    Photo Agence QMI, Marc Vallières

    “Risk grading is unlikely to occur. The firemen are to ventilation and to look for the hot spots,” continues the spokesperson.

    There are no wounded.